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Buy $LIF3 on MEXC

You can search for the MEXC mobile app download links at


Once you have the MEXC App and an account on the exchange, follow the steps below to acquire LIF3 tokens.

1) Open MEXC app and log into your MEXC account to get started.


2) Tap on the Trade tab below.


3) Tap on the pair at the top left part of your screen.


4) Use the search bar to find the LIF3/USDT spot market.


5) Buy $LIF3 by selecting “Limit” or “Market” and fill the blanks with how much $LIF3 you want to buy.


6) Here you can see your $LIF3 holdings! If you want to explore DeFi yields on the Lif3 Ecosystem you will need to come here, and tap on LIF3 to see the withdrawal options.



In case you need a gateway to the crypto world out of the exchange:

Lif3 Wallet is live and available for download! 

Yours Keys, Your Crypto, Lif3 Wallet is self-custodial. You are the only one who can access your wallet and your tokens.

If you are an iPhone user, download on the App Store:

For Android users, get it on Google Play:

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