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How to Buy $LIF3 using Odos

This tutorial can be followed from Lif3 Wallet on your phone or any other device.

Odos integrated Lif3 v3 liquidity pools on their Dex Aggregator. Now you can trade Lif3 Ecosystem tokens easily on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Fantom and Polygon.


1) Head to the Odos Dex Aggregator link: 

Step odos2.PNG

2) Connect your wallet to the dApp.

Step odos3.PNG

3) On Lif3 Wallet you can use Wallet Connect as an option.

Step odos4.PNG

4) On Wallet Connect you can search for "Lif3 Wallet" in the view all slot.

Step odos5.PNG

5) Once connected you can select assets to swap From and To, select the asset you want to pay with under "From" and select the LIF3 token below "To". Fill in the blanks of how much you want to swap and press on Swap.

Step odos6.PNG

6) Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Step odos7.PNG

7) Once the transaction is completed, you will see this screen and the LIF3 tokens will be already in your wallet.

Step odos8.PNG


Note: On the top right part of the App you can easily switch networks to decide on which chain you want to Buy LIF3!