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How to Buy LIF3 with ETH or USDT on Ethereum

1) Download Lif3 Wallet.

Get it on Google Play

Download in the App Store

2) Remember to backup your Lif3 Wallet. Learn how to back up your wallet here:

How to Backup your Lif3 Wallet

3) Now you will need to get some ETH or USDT. You can send it from another wallet you have, buy it in an exchange and send it to Lif3 Wallet, or acquire it by tapping on the "Quick Action" button of Lif3 Wallet and selecting "Buy / Sell Crypto" to use the on-ramp service. 

4) Once your ETH or USDT arrives into Lif3 Wallet, on the home screen of Lif3 Wallet, head to the "Wallet" tab and tap on the $ETH you sent to your wallet.

5) Tap on "Swap".

6) Tap on "Select Token" and search for $LIF3.

7) Enter the amount of $ETH you want to swap.

When the order summary appears with all the information, Tap continue.


8) Confirm the transaction for the swap. Wait until the transaction in progress finishes.

9) That's it! Now that your $LIF3 tokens are in your wallet, head to the "Browser" Tab to search for the available opportunities to earn yield!