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How to Buy $LIF3 using 1inch


Connecting your wallet

1) Go to

2) Click on the ‘Connect wallet’ button in the upper right corner.

1inch 1.png

3) Choose your wallet (e.g. Metamask or Rabby Wallet) in the popup window, and connect your wallet to the dApp.

1inch 3.png

4) Once the wallet has been connected, your Ethereum address will be displayed at the top of the page. 

1inch 4.png


5) Now to swap, we need to select LIF3.

6) Under "You receive", click on "Select a token".

1inch 4.png

7) On this screen, write LIF3 in the search bar, and click on the Import button on the LIF3 token that will appear below. 

1inch 5.png

8) Make sure the token has the correct address: LIF3 (Ethereum): 0x7138Eb0d563f3F6722500936A11DcAe99D738A2c

1inch 6.png

9) Now, input how much ETH you want to swap for LIF3 under "You pay".

1inch 7.png

10) Press Swap. A pop-up window with Terms & Conditions will appear. Sign to confirm and proceed.

11) Once you press on "sign and proceed", a message will appear on your wallet.

1inch 8.png

12) Now you will be able to swap. Click on "Confirm Swap".

1inch 9.png

13) Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

14) You can view your transaction on Etherscan to check the current status.

15) Once the transaction is completed on the blockchain, you will have the tokens in your wallet.