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How To Convert Legacy Tokens to New on Lif3


  1. Head to
  2. Select the chain you want to swap your Legacy tokens to New ( FTM, Polygon or BNB Chain)
  3. Input the Total amount you want to convert or click on Balance to convert all of it.
  4. Approve the old LIF3 tokens spending by confirming the transaction that pops in your wallet.
  5. Once the approval is done, you will be able to press convert.
  6. Click on it, and confirm the next transaction. 
  7. After the transaction goes through your new LIF3 tokens will be on your wallet, if they don't appear you can use the respective address below to add them to your wallet.


Contract addresses for new $LIF3 


ETH: 0x7138Eb0d563f3F6722500936A11DcAe99D738A2c

FTM: 0x5e074C28149cC35c1e5fbC79d8A6ea688dba2314

Polygon: 0x110B25D2B21eE73eB401F3aE7833f7072912A0Bf

BNB Chain: 0x336f374198c872Ba760e85af9c6331C3c5A535d3

Contract addresses for new $LSHARE


ETH: 0x8E01397163b21F64ceC1f06cA6cC7d9aA8F718e9

FTM: 0x8fF27b58E1d969bEFC9c8aEAE93A6EB7E2250c8f

Polygon: 0x5eAB32Fe1D104cE0C5436feDC3433B646096e47C

BNB Chain: 0x0c08638473CAfbCa3beb113616A1871F4bfaD4f9

For a visual experience of this tutorial you can watch the video below: