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What is $stlLIF3 / $stlUSDC / etc.?

The tokens starting with 'stl' (e.g. $stlLIF3, $stlTOMB, $stlUSDC) are interest-bearing receipt tokens for staking in the Greenhouse.

The rewards earned in the Greenhouse are compounded back into the 'stl' token, so even though the number of 'stl' tokens you have doesn't change, the underlying value of a 'stl' token will always appreciate.

Read more about the Greenhouse here.

* Note: 'stl' tokens are receipt tokens that represent your Greenhouse deposit. Do not transfer these to any wallets that aren't yours, or you will lose your funds!

To withdraw your assets from the Greenhouses:

  1. Click on the row of the token deposited, and a larger window like the one shown above will show.
  2. Click the "Unstake" tab
  3. Enter the amount of stl tokens you want to unstake
  4. Make the necessary Approval transactions, if needed, and finish withdrawing