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What is the Garden?

The Garden contains what is often referred to as yield farms.

These farms incentivize investors to provide liquidity in specific liquidity pool pairs by offering additional farming rewards ($LSHARE).

To use the Garden at, you can provide liquidity through the Liquidity page, which will give you liquidity pool (LP) tokens as a receipt. You can then deposit your LP tokens into the Garden farm, where you will immediately start earning $LSHAREs (only visible on the UI once you've earned a minimum of 0.0001 $LSHARE).

* Note: LP tokens are receipt tokens that represent your share of the pool. Do not transfer these to any wallets that aren't yours, or you will lose your funds!

For directions on how to provide liquidity and yield farm, click here.

APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
APRs reflect the estimated percentage return in USD value in one year's time. The value is dependent on the USD prices of the underlying tokens (the assets in the LP), the price of the reward token, and the total LP tokens staked in the pool.
If the price of the reward token increases, the APR will increase (your earned token becomes more valuable in USD terms). If the price of the LP token increases, the APR will decrease (you're earning the same amount of reward tokens for a higher valued asset). If more people stake their LP tokens in the pool, APR decreases (since you're sharing the rewards with more people).
Hovering over the ? will display two APRs: Farming and Fees.
Farming APR represents the $LSHARE yield you accrue from the farm. You can collect these at any time.
The Fees APR represents how many fees were collected via swaps and trades in the DEX. You earn fees for all the trades on this pair proportional to your share of the pool. Fees are added back into the pool, which are reflected in the underlying token values of your LP tokens. These are claimed when you withdraw your liquidity.
TVL (Total Value Locked)
TVL is a continuous count of the total USD value of the assets in the representative pool that is currently staked in the farm.
The total amount in USD an individual user has deposited in each pool. This value will change as the value of the tokens change in the market.
The current amount of $LSHARE tokens rewarded to a user in that particular pool as well as the current USD value of those unharvested tokens.
There is a 0.25% deposit fee for staking in any pool.