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Earn Tab - Vesting Section

The LIF3 Vesting section covers vesting on Lif3 Trade to exchange $esLIF3 for $LIF3.

'Learn More' will take you to the Lif3 Trade documentation.

To vest $esLIF3, you will need to reserve staked $LIF3 or $LLPs (see documentation for more details). You can stop vesting and withdraw your reserved tokens at any time.

Both of these windows will display your:

  • Total staked $LIF3 or $LLP tokens
  • How many of your total staked tokens are reserved for vesting
  • $esLIF3 vesting status
  • Claimable rewards ($LIF3)

Check this article to learn how to Earn by vesting $esLIF3

For a visual walkthrough, see the video below.