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Earn Tab - $esLIF3 Window

The Escrowed Lif3 ($esLIF3) window covers all the $esLIF3 staking on Lif3 Trade.

Clicking on the 'Escrowed Lif3 (esLIF3)' title will add the token to your Metamask. 'Learn More' will take you to the Lif3 Trade documentation.

This window will display:

  • Current $esLIF3 price
  • Your wallet balance of $esLIF3
  • Your staked $esLIF3 balance on the platform
  • Current APR (hover over it to see the respective APRs for $FTM and $esLIF3)
  • Multiplier Points (if you have any)
  • Total $esLIF3 staked on the platform
  • Total $esLIF3 supply

In this $esLIF3 window, there are shortcuts to where you can supply (or stake) $esLIF3 to the staking vault or to redeem (unstake) $esLIF3.

Check this article to learn how to Earn by Staking $esLIF3

For a visual walkthrough, see the video below.