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Dashboard - Weights and Utilization

The bottom section of the Dashboard tab displays all the assets in the $LLP liquidity pool.

Clicking on the token name will offer a one-click way to add the given token to Metamask or to open the token page in Coingecko.

The section also displays each token's current price, current balance in the $LLP, what percentage of the desired token weight in the pool is fulfilled, along with the utilization of the tokens on the platform.

Hovering over the Pool number will show the how many tokens are in the pool, the target minimum amount, and the overall maximum capacity.

When a token's weight exceeds the desired composition of the pool, the platform will incentivize taking the tokens out of the pool (e.g. increasing deposit fees and decreasing swap fees for that token). When the weight is below the desired percentage, the platform will incentivize taking in more of the tokens to the pool (e.g. decreasing deposit fees and increasing swap fees).

For a visual walkthrough, see the video below.