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Earn Tab - $LLP Window

The $LLP window covers all the $LLP staking on Lif3 Trade.

Clicking on the 'LLP' title or 'Add LLP to Wallet' will add the token to your Metamask.

This window will display:

  • Current $LLP price
  • Your wallet balance of $LLP
  • Your staked $LLP balance on the platform
  • Current APR (hover over it to see the respective APRs for $FTM and $esLIF3)
  • Claimable rewards (if you have any)
  • Total $LLP staked on the platform
  • Total $LLP supply

Remember that once you supply assets to the LLP, they are automatically staked and you will start earning rewards immediately.

In this $LLP window, there are shortcuts to where you can supply $LLP or redeem $LLP.


Check this article to learn how to Earn with LLP


For a visual walkthrough, see the video below.