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Trading Tab - Positions, Orders, Trades


Under the charts you will find your "Positions" tab.

  1. Which will include your current trades under Positions 
  2. Your current Orders them being limit orders, stop-loss orders or take profit orders waiting to get executed.
  3. Trades will show you a history of your trades and orders you have done on the Lif3 Trade platform.

The most important part about this is to learn how to read the info on the Positions tab

It will allow you to see 

Current position with the direction of your trade (Long or Short)

Net Value, where you can mouseover it to get additional info (as for example the fees you paid)

Size, it will show the size of your position after leverage.

Collateral, this is your margin or collateral that allows you to keep this trade open, you can "edit" this by adding more collateral to lower your leverage and move your liquidation point.

Mark Price is the average price of all the data feeds where Lif3 Trade it's taking the info for the final price of an asset.

Entry Price, it is the price at which you opened your trade after slippage.

Close, will allow you to close your trade through a market order or set up trigger orders as stop-loss or take profit orders.

For a visual walkthrough, see the video below: