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Trading Tab - Data & Fees

Below the leverage slider you will find two important boxes with Data related to your trade:

This data points available to any trader on the platform are:

Collateral in:

A snapshot of the USD value of your collateral is taken when the position is opened.
When closing the position, you can select which token you would like to receive the profits in.


This indicates the amount of leverage you will be using on the trade.

Entry Price:

The price of your entry.

Liq. Price:

This shows you where your liquidation point for your trade will be. 


The total fees you will be paying for opening this trade.

Entry Price:

The position will be opened at x.xx USD with a max slippage of 0.30%.
The slippage amount can be configured under Settings, found by clicking on your address at the top right of the page after connecting your wallet.

Exit Price:

If you have an existing position, the position will be closed at x.xx USD. This exit price will change with the price of the asset.

Borrow Fee:

The borrow fee is calculated as (assets borrowed) / (total assets in pool) * 0.01% per hour.

Available Liquidity:

It will show you the amount of liquidity available to long or short an asset on Lif3 Trade.


For a visual walkthrough, see the video below: