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Earn by Vesting esLIF3

What is $esLIF3? 

Escrowed LIF3 ($esLIF3) is an incentive for liquidity providers (LLP) and $LIF3 stakers in Lif3 Trade. It's not a liquid token you can trade, but here is where things get interesting. With $esLIF3, you have two options:

  • Stake $esLIF3 on Lif3 Trade to earn rewards.
  • Vest $esLIF3 on Lif3 Trade to make it liquid $LIF3, which you can use for whatever you want.
$esLIF3 tokens can be converted into $LIF3 tokens through vesting, which can be accessed on the Earn page.
When vesting is initiated, the average amount of $LIF3 or LLP tokens that was used to earn the $esLIF3 rewards will be reserved.
Does my $LIF3 or LLP reserved for vesting still earn rewards? What about my $esLIF3 being vested?
$esLIF3 tokens that have been unstaked and deposited for vesting will not earn rewards. Staked $LIF3 and LLP tokens that are reserved for vesting will continue to earn rewards.
Vesting $esLIF3 in the platform is simple:
2) Search for the LIF3 Vesting area on the website, and decide if you want to vest with $LIF3 or LLP
3) Approve the use of your $esLIF3 tokens if necessary
4) Input how much $esLIF3 you want to vest
5) Press on vest and confirm the transaction.
6) And that's it! After initiating vesting, the $esLIF3 tokens will be converted into $LIF3 every second and will fully vest over 365 days.
Note: $esLIF3 tokens that have been converted into $LIF3 are claimable at anytime.
What does vesting $esLIF3 earn?
  • It converts your $esLIF3 balance into liquid $LIF3

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