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Terrace as an Autocompounder

Autocompound LPs

For those who do not want to borrow but are looking for an autocompounding option, investors can utilize the vaults by depositing the LP tokens as 'collateral' without borrowing any tokens, which effectively autocompounds and grows the LP position.

How to autocompound LPs:

1. View the markets page and choose a vault with your desired LP and APR.

2. Click on the vault, and under the "Borrowing" tab, find the row with the LP pair and the "Deposit" button.

* If you do not already have the LP tokens, go to the Liquidity page and deposit your tokens into the liquidity pool. See here on how to provide liquidity and get LP tokens.

3. Click "Deposit," and make the necessary Approval transaction, if needed.

4. Choose the amount you wish to deposit, and finalize with "Deposit."

If your goal is to autocompound your LPs, congratulations! Upon successfully depositing your LPs, they will automatically compound, and your LP position will steadily grow. Enjoy the passive yield without having to worry about collecting your rewards.