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Earn on single assets

Supply single assets

Suppliers can deposit their single assets into a vault, which will be deposited into the available lending supply pool from where leveragers can borrow. Suppliers will earn a supply APR that is paid out in the same deposited token with their balance being auto-compounded regularly. This supply APR can vary depending on the utilization (i.e. how much of the lending supply has been utilized) and demand for the token.

Since single assets are being utilized here, there is no risk of impermanent loss and suppliers do not have to worry about liquidation. Take note that when utilization is high and the lending supply is nearly entirely lent out, the availability of tokens to withdraw may be temporarily locked/unavailable until borrowers repay their loans or are liquidated. When supply is available and utilization goes down, suppliers may withdraw freely again.


How to supply single assets for lending:

1. View the markets page and choose a vault with your desired supply token and APR.

2. Click the vault, and find the "Lending" tab.

3. Click "Supply," and make the necessary Approval transaction, if needed.

4. Choose the amount you wish to deposit, and finalize with "Supply."

5. When you want to withdraw your assets from the vault, click on "Withdraw," enter the amount you wish to take out, and finalize the transaction. The rewards you earned are reflected in the token balance.