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Why does the balance in my wallet show 0 tokens?

There are multiple reasons why your balance may show zero balance:

  • You imported an existing wallet with many coins. It may take a few minutes for all of them to be fully displayed in your wallet.
  • You mistyped your seed phrase and imported the wrong wallet. Check if your Activity/ Transactions are empty. If they are, it means you have to reimport your wallet using the correct seed phrase for the wallet that belongs to you. Read this article to know how you can import a wallet correctly: How do I import an existing wallet?
  • Your wallet was compromised. You can see all the recent transactions of your wallet in the "Activity" tab of your Lif3 Wallet. Make sure there are no transactions that you do not recognize. If there are, then there is a high chance that someone else got access to your wallet and your funds.


Please remember these safety tips:

Never share your seed phrase with anyone. Crypto platform representatives, in both CeFi and DeFi, will never ask for your seed phrase, no exception.

There is no such thing as validating your wallet. Anyone who asks you to do so and sends you a link is most likely a scammer.

Double-check the URLs you visit. Scammers will impersonate websites, URLs, tech support, etc. in order to catch you off-guard and access your wallet. Bookmark all official links, and always double-check whether you're on the correct website.