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How to securely store your seed phrase?


You need to do a backup to store your seed phrase every time you create a new wallet, if you hadn’t stored your seed phrase safely when setting up the wallet and you fail to find it when needed, you would have lost access to your crypto assets, forever. 

  1. You need to copy the seed phrase word for word as the wallet displays it.
  2. You should never store your seed phrase on any application or device that is connected to the internet.

Seed phrase is either 12 or 24 words. By default on the Lif3 Wallet it is 12 words.

How to Backup your Lif3 Wallet

Lets explain it again so we are clear about this:
A change in an alphabet here or an alphabet there can be enough to make you part ways with your cryptocurrencies and you shouldn’t even consider storing your seed phrase on an internet-connected device. Always go for offline methods.

One of the preferred methods for the average crypto investor to store their seed phrase is to write it down on paper and then store it in a secure place as a safe or a bank’s deposit box. 

You can download this, adjust it to a comfortable size and print it, to then write a backup of your seed phrase

Seed store 12 12.jpg

And please remember to store this securely and never share it with anyone.