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I Sent Funds to the Wrong Address. How Do I Get Them Back?


We often get asked for help to reverse erroneous transactions back to the original wallet, but there is nothing we can do from our side as cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible.

What you can do as a crypto user to try to get your funds back:

  • Try to contact the receiver and request to send them back.
  • Remember how did you get this address you have send it to? Start by backtracking your actions on that day, and try to remember which apps / projects / people you interacted with to get this wallet address.
  • If the address looks like its owned by a person, and you know them, ask politely by explaining the error. If the address is owned by a company, for example an exchange or an ICO, contact their official support.
  • If you don’t know to whom the address belongs to, you can’t do anything else to retrieve the funds, only the crypto address is public information, so it would be impossible to track someone only based on that.

Even we as the wallet provider cannot approach the counterparty on your behalf. 

It is recommended to copy/paste or QR scan the addresses where you want to send crypto and double check before sending.